From Saudi To The Arab World Ithra Announces Flagship Arabic Reading Competition “iread” To Expand To Participants From All Arab Countries For Upcoming 8th Edition

The kingdom remains the largest shareholder in the firm, with some 94 per cent of the corporation. The Saudi Arabian Oil Co. has extended served as both the main financial engine in the kingdom and the key source of funds for its ruling Al Saud royal family members. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the assertive son of King Salman, made the selection to transfer the stock, the state media…Read More

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Circumstances get considerably much more intricate since other members from both families run into every single other by pure coincidence. By the time the show kept extending, the majority of the viewers had been left pretty much perplexed because they didn’t know what to make of the story and later its ambiguous ending. Regularly-employed “Makjang” scenarios in K-dramas contain, birth secrets, murder, adultery, cover-ups of illegal actions and nearly-impossible-to-come about-in-actual-life…Read More